NTNU Library Toolbar: A Beta Version


A beta of the toolbar is available; it has the promised preferences pane, and a textual management system for which I will soon-ish provide a description and/or an XUL-wrapper. You can find the toolbar here.

Screenshot 1, screenshot 2 & screenshot 3.

2 Responses to “NTNU Library Toolbar: A Beta Version”

  1. digicmb Says:

    How did you make this Toolbar? I love the sub-menu search options. That is what i want for the conduit toolbars as well, but they do not deliver yet!

  2. brinxmat Says:

    Hi Guus,

    The toolbar is hand-coded in XUL/JavaScript (which is why it is non-Internet Explorer), and the sub-menu limitation in Conduit (as well as the Google limitation) was one of the reasons behind creating this toolbar. Preferences was the main reason though. You can create sub-menus with sub-menus too, but these are less user-friendly (and their display is too irratic from operating system to operating system).

    Note that you can edit the of the resources at a basic level by manually editing the preferences file. You can also add resources to the central resource database. I’ll post on these topics in an hour or so.

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