Metalib, X-Server and a MVC, OOP interface (in PHP)


I’m currently playing with an interface for Ex Libris’ Metalib/X-Server in PHP. This is some thing that is really exciting. I’ve already done some work with Metalib, mostly using an architecture that parses and pre-loads scraped data — all very crude, however, the library has just paid for X-Server, which takes the game up a notch. It was really quite easy to piece together — thanks to the “to the point” documentation from Ex Libris — a simple collection of links to discipline-specific databases, but I was interested in creating a more general framework.

At the same time Rune Aunøien — ex of Web committee — expressed an interest in MVC-patterned web development — something, to which I am certainly not averse. Thus development efforts have been pushed onto an OOP interface in PHP for X-Server.

Results: not surprisingly speed is an issue, and while the general framework is in place, a lot of work needs to be done on how quickly results are passed to the client. Optimalization in this respect is not my strong point, and there is obviously a lot to learn and a steep learning curve.

There is no live link to this project because the university does not have any servers that support the necessary modules in PHP (PHP5, XPath etc.) . Thus, anyone interested in this project should get in touch/leave a message.


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