Internet Librarian International 2007


I’ve just been to the Internet Librarian International 2007 conference in London. This was the ninth year that this conference has been held, and was my first time at this event. My impressions:

  • Lots of interesting, often amusing speakers (particularly keynote speakers Stephen Abram and Phil Bradley as well as Brian Kelly)
  • Lectures: thought provoking stuff; a lot of negativity about “the outsiders”
  • High amusement potential when presenting new technologies
  • Good to be in London again for the first time since I was eight
  • Fun with — among others — Guus, Åke, Carina, Malin, Mariann, Espen, Marie, Jørn Helge(?), Ronald, Eve, Barbara. Brilliant-fantastic people — librarians really are great folk

The report is coming…



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