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This year, the [Princeton] University’s Student Computer Initiative has sold more Macs than PCs. Students were offered a selection of Dell, IBM and Apple computers, and 60 percent chose Macs, up from 45 percent last year.”

Doug Eshleman in The Daily Princetonian

Macintosh users are, however, an unusual sight at NTNU.

Actually, I lied — Macs aren’t unusual at all, a quick headcount of laptop users in our library reveals that 23% of these use Mac OS — actually less than I expected; I suspect that this is the case in many educational establishments in Norway.

The difference between NTNU and Princeton is, however, that the Princeton computer services offer an Apple Macintosh alternative, whereas NTNU offers only Dell. I wonder if NTNU students would act like Princeton students?

On the other hand, what kind of person would actively choose an alternative operating system, one not endorsed by the university[1]? Someone who had an interest in what computer they used, who didn’t just accept the “default” because they are interested in technology? People with a sense for aesthetics? Basically not the kind of people you’d want to attract…er.

[1] This isn’t entirely fair, because NTNU does offer most of its available software to Mac users. In this respect NTNU does a very good job, but they let themselves down by using ActiveX in certain systems 😦

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