Web development: Ruby, Rails, Java, and libraries


Well, it’s the new year after all…

This year I will mostly be looking at … Ruby, Java and the excellent Scriptaculous Javascript library. (Said with an IoM accent.)


is a relatively new programming (interpreted scripting) language, it’s object-oriented, and has a similar syntax to Perl. The real buzz for Ruby is Ruby on Rails, a web-development platform, which while very popular, is actually proving to be a bit of a headache for me (more on this later).


is a bit of an old carthorse, and I’m fond of it. I’m looking at Apple’s WebObjects framework, something that I’m not familiar with, nor have I heard any really great things about it from colleagues. It is, nevertheless, an important framework in connection with Norwegian libraries (because of Frida and DUO). I actually assumed that WebObjects was a bad choice, because of Apple’s seeming disinterest for it … all of that changed this year. Shame about the lack of ObjC support, he-he.


seems like a really good thing, I’ll be migrating the Mootools (yes, it’s brilliant too, but it just doesn’t cut it in the same way) based projects to Scriptaculous in the next months.

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