Password hell? A way out…


Yahoo! has announced that it will be supporting OpenID from 2008-01-30. This means that if you’ve got a Yahoo! ID, you can log into any OpenID 2.0-supporting service using this ID.

OpenID is a framework that allows users to use a single login to access any number of sites that support the framework. There are two active versions 1.1 and 2.0, Yahoo! has chosen to support only the latter apparently for security and usability reasons.

One of the surprising things is that OpenID is already supported on a number of platforms — which I really wasn’t aware of even though I’ve been looking at implementing it — for instance, users: try the following: go to, in the login using OpenID field at the bottom of the page enter, press enter. Wow.

Directories of sites that support OpenID:

I think that this is a good initiative for a number of reasons, not least the number of username/password combos I have to remember. I think that BIBSYS will be getting the standard letter.


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