The next big thing is mobile


Get your applications onto a mobile platform ASAP, because this is where it’s at.

Forget Web 2.0 (or even the semantic web — we’ve already talked about embedded metadata forgoodnesssakes, why are you dawdling?), in the future, we’ll not even have computers, we’ll be using a mobile device formerly known as a phone.

At NTNU Library, we already have arrivals notices via SMS, but we don’t have account management tools via mobile phones. We should do something about this.

I was going to cite a article to source this, but that linked again to a Fox site, so I did a quick search for statistical resources and found a site that totally cooked my head: This site is a mine of information. To confirm to what extent the mobile phone is used in Japan in the context of the Net see various posts on “Mobile Phone” (especially note the comments on the article on “Top ten features that should be dropped” (SMS?!? I guess that non-Latin-alphabet representation is much better in email?)).

Too much!


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