Technologies libraries should be pushing


The technologies libraries should be pushing…actually, they shouldn’t be pushing tech, they should be pushing content. Let me explain…

The library is a good source of high quality information. If we want to keep attracting people, we need to push our quality content in the ways people want. The following breaks down some channels that should be used, and outlines some ideas for how they should be used (this is the tech bit):

RSS (automated) search responses
JSON (automated) search responses
XML (automated) search responses, content storage format (yes, drop the database)
Flash Interfaces
Flash Lite Mobile interfaces
XHTML interfaces, response pages
XHTML Mobile profile mobile interfaces, response pages
OPML resource listings, search response

These are just a few technologies that spring to mind, but I reckon that we really need to a) get these channels open, and b) ensure that we provide different delivery channels for the same resource (XML and JSON). The other thing is that these things should be customizable, so that the user can get what they want out of your services. The trick is making this configuration easy (and here Flash can step in…)

The real point though is getting the content out there, not what technology is being used. Actually, it’s pretty banal to produce a server-side script that converts from one format to another, so providing JSON or XML from the same source is dead easy. Why not just do that, then? The users will tell you what’s good with their clicks.



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