RSS Feeds for Linguistics Journals: an OPML file


Anyone who works within research knows how difficult and defeating it can be to try and stay updated in your field, but modern technology is helping us make our lives easier; the tictocs project aims to do just that by gathering the various RSS feeds publisher by academic journal publishers and making these available in a framework that makes it easy to select, view and manage these resources.

I have been watching the Tictocs with great interest for some time, and being a bit of an RSS-feed jockey myself, I know how useful these kinds of thing can be. The project hasn’t come very far so far (it only started in April 2007), but it shows promise.

In the meantime, I have collated the linguistics journals I could find feeds for into this OPML file. Although it includes some 220 titles, there are some obvious absentees in this file (notably nothing from Cambridge journals because I couldn’t ascertain whether or not their terms and conditions prohibit me from providing a link to their RSS feeds — which you have to register in order to receive).

You can download and edit the OPML file manually in a text editor, or use an RSS feed aggregator to select and display the resources you want. For those who are interested in using RSS feeds in this latter way, I thoroughly recommend Bloglines, which I honestly couldn’t live without at the moment.

If you have any feeds that you think should be added, please leave a comment.


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5 Responses to “RSS Feeds for Linguistics Journals: an OPML file”

  1. bibliotek Says:

    Excellent work; browsing Ulrichsweb and individual publisher platforms for feeds is rather tedious. Do you have a public Bloglines profile?

  2. brinxmat Says:

    Thanks! No, I don’t have these links available on Bloglines at the moment, I did have them there, but adding so many feeds to my existing feeds chokes bloglines. I’ll see if I can’t work this out…

  3. bibliotek Says:

    I spent a couple of days cleaning up Google Reader after feeding it with OPML from Blackwell

    Magnus Enger collected an impressive amount of feeds for his Codalizer:

  4. brinxmat Says:

    Thanks for your post.

    Looking at what you’ve written at, there are problems with both of the major online aggregators.

    It’s worth noting that the feed aggregators cache the feeds, so the data you see is typically one hour old. This means that the basic function of reading feeds works very well even with a large number of feeds (the updates are received from one source). The readers still struggle, however, to cope with say a few hundred feeds when you’re editing the feeds list. This is an obvious place to improve these services.

    Enger’s list is good, I just miss the possibility of subject-specific sorting, this is why tictocs will be good, I hope.

  5. Ivan Says:

    how can i make OPL File ?

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