Semantic web in the library


I discovered an interesting article on ReadWriteWeb called “11 things to know about semantic Web”, take a look.

My comments:

  • The effective difference between semantic web and Web 2.0 is that the semantic web includes technologies not a part of Web 1.0
  • Distributed database is the concept described, but never defined
  • The movement towards distributed databases (away from relational databases) began with Web 1.0 — what is a well-formatted web page if not a container with its description?
  • Is there any congruency between object-oriented database concepts and distributed databases?
  • I can immediately see the relevance and usefulness of RDF and sparql, but I struggle with OWL
  • Perhaps this interest in syntax, ontologies and mapping to taxonomies means a resurgence in the relevance of formal syntactians (WOO!)
  • The winning tool will be the one that can filter the wheat from the chaff in the noise of classification/cataloguing that it will encounter, creating an ordered universe suited to the individual user using it
  • We’re still at the level of tools, there’s nothing inherently different about the metaphors: Me use tool, me read text.

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