On Internet Explorer 8


Online libraries are fairly susceptible to the browser compatibility issues, so the article about Internet Explorer 8 I found on A List Apart is a bit worrisome. The artcile states that Internet Explorer 8 will behave like Internet Explorer 7 unless actively specified in the code of the website being viewed to do otherwise.

There’s a lot of interesting discussion of this fact and its ramifications, both in the article and in the comments, but I have one thought on this matter: does this policy represent Microsoft’s continuing realization (cf. Vista climbdowns [1], [2]) that Microsoft has reached its apogee?

Are there many Librarians that swear by Internet Explorer out there? At my library, Firefox is rife, though we have two, to my knowledge, that steadfastly assure me that IE is fantastic, etc. I remain unconvinced (I have versions 5–7 installed on my Linux work PC). Firefox’s great advantage is its profiles system, which doesn’t interact with the Windows Registry; this means that non-admin users can install useful plugins without affecting the base system.


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