Firefox, use it.


I don’t normally like to dictate to people what they should do, but I’d like to make an exception: use Firefox.

Being a naïve sort, I think that intelligent people tend to make intelligent choices, but not so: some people are still not using Firefox. People make all kinds of silly mistakes — they burn cakes, crash cars, etc. — but there’s one mistake you don’t need to make: not using Firefox.

What is Firefox? It’s a web browser, but it’s not the one that came bundled with Windows or Mac OS X. It has certain advantages over both Window’s Internet Explorer and Mac OS X’s Safari. The ones worth mentioning are:

  • You will be safe on the net

That was a one-point list; that’s right, but it was a heck of an important point, which truly deserved a list of its own. Other web browsers have their advantages, like the fact that they’re installed on your computer when you buy it. But that isn’t really a good reason to use them. Good reasons to use other web browsers include

  • I want people to be able to run arbitrary code on my machine without any security checking of the code or for that matter my consent
  • I don’t want to have to use standards that everyone agrees on, but Microsoft’s proprietary functions
  • I want my web browser to get as outdated as my version of Mac OS X

Otherwise, use Firefox. And once you’ve got Firefox, get the NTNU Library Toolbar.


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