Library 2.0: user-centered approach?


I wonder if most people get that Library 2.0 doesn’t just mean that the library bends and moulds itself to the requirements of the users, but also means that the library needs to work actively to promote new kinds of service with which the users may not be familiar.

It’s important to remember that users need to be information literate to function in the library; at a university library, it is important to help students become information literate so that they can do their work, and be attractive players in the work market afterwards.

Creating a library that “just works” and requires nothing of the user — which I absolutely doubt is possible — isn’t desirable either, because it doesn’t factor in the role of the librarian. What do I mean by this? Ranganathan quote: “Every reader should feel the presence of the radiant personality of the librarian. Krishna-like, the librarian should now and again be by the side of every reader” (Ranganathan, Shiyali Ramamrita. (1931). The Five Laws of Library Science. London: Edward Goldston.)


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