NTNU Library Toolbar 0.2b preview


After a lot of tinkering, I’ve finally got to the stage (only eighteen days after I’d planned!) where I’m happy to announce a new beta preview of the NTNU Library Toolbar. As promised, we’ve now got:

  • ~95% new Javascript code
  • Variable encapsulation (I’m not sure that I’d call it object oriented yet)
  • Improved URI-session management
  • New preferences layout (sorry, this makes it incompatible with preferences created in older versions)
  • New preferences pane
  • The possibility of adding your own resources (yes, even those that have session data in the URI)

However, I added a few changes:

  • Hitting enter no longer defaults to BIBSYS, but to a user specified operation:
    • the previously used search
    • a search specified by the user
    • does nothing
  • Multilanguage support
  • Buttons for resetting things to defaults

This preview is stable, but there are a number of issues that prevent me from adding it to the update list until its final release; more on this in a month or two!

Glad to hear your feedback as ever.

3 Responses to “NTNU Library Toolbar 0.2b preview”

  1. Åsa says » links for 2008-03-22 Says:

    […] NTNU Library Toolbar 0.2b preview (tags: toolbars) […]

  2. bibliotek Says:

    Impressive work! Works well in Flock as well. I have just begun to add my own sources; good fun, although I’m struggling with regular expressions.

  3. brinxmat Says:


    Regular expressions are great fun 😉 Most of the time a “bad fix” is to write in the session data identifier from the get/post data and do a limited wildcard, thus (sessionid=.*?[^&])& which will grab “sessionid=” and anything and everything except an ampersand. Dirty.

    On the other hand, take a look at:

    LEarning to use regexes — a great site with good explanations
    Regex test tool — you’ll need to escape your regexes, but this is a fine tool for testing your expressions

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