Fifteen things you need to know as an academic help-desk librarian


Based on my own experience…

  1. Where the paper for the printers is kept
  2. How to remove paper jams
  3. That Google doesn’t access the deep web
  4. How to search Google effectively
  5. How to use your OPAC properly
  6. What the added value in different databases is
  7. How to accept being berated by customers without losing it
  8. CQL (once in a while it will save your pants)
  9. How to explain things without using library jargon
  10. The value of a smile
  11. That re-Googling a search that a user has already performed is rude
  12. The classification system used in your library off pat (in broad strokes, for commonly requested items)
  13. Why it rains, whether there is a God, and if the library can supply a copy of §40 of Straffeloven (of course Sir, can I get you a printout of that?)
  14. How to get USB memory sticks to appear in the file manager on the computers
  15. How to read minds (and fix computers by virtue of your sheer presence)

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