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I’ve just been looking at Google Android, and in a word; nice! After having got the Android plugin into Eclipse (which BTW is working perfectly with WOLips too after a recent update) — very simple process with great help docs from Google — I can see that this SDK is not only interesting, it’s VERY interesting. I didn’t get this excited when looking at the iPhone SDK (and I love Objective-C). I reckon that this whole thing is down to the presentation: Google’s Eclipse tools are familiar, whereas XCode — while not at all bad — is just unfamiliar. I mean, look at this.

The Google presentation of the SDK online is also a lot better than Apple’s. Hey, I get suspicious when they want me to log in to see developer notes.

I suspect that I’ll be playing with both SDKs because mobile is the future, but maybe Android most, because even I can potentially afford a device to run it on.


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