Toolbar 0.2.1b


I have posted the update onto the update stream, this means that previous versions will be auto-updated (you get a quick splash notification of this in your browser window).

This release joins the new branch of toolbar development to the main trunk release. It is this branch that will be the focus of future development.

The new release also includes a few minor bug fixes (related to character encoding). And sadly, you’ll lose your resource preferences…but this is beta software. The reasons for losing your preferences is that I’m still trying to make the preference system work with dtd language files (the rest of the toolbar is set up with multi-language support).

The simplest — and possibly stupidest — way of fixing this would be to detect the dtd at on first startup, cross-check that the install is new, and then write the default preferences based on that. We’ll see.

Once that is in place, we’ll evaluate different methods of merging preferences, although this will always be problematic because certain resources simply disappear.


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