Google + Deep Web = True?


I’m not posting at the moment (too much going on on the development front, more on this later), but I’ll make an exception for some really important information. What this is about is that Google for the first time actually indexes information that can only be retrieved by filling in a web form. Basically, Google is getting savvy to the deep web, which has hitherto not been accessible via the search giant.

There seem to be getting less reasons to doubt the supremacy of Google, except the following:

  • Google will only be indexing a selection of sites
  • They will only index a selection of the information on these sites
  • The native interfaces for these sites typically add value to your search (contextual cues, component information, semantic correlates, related terms, etc.) and present the information accordingly.

The development is nevertheless extremely positive, as Google will help find relevant sites, if not all the information contained within this. Nice work, G!

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