ITovation 2.0


I’ve just been at a seminar at NTNU titled “ITovation 2.0” on the topic of innovative uses of technologies, very interesting. The seminar was held in English, here’s some of the text from the “about” page:

ITovation is a series of seminars for PhD-students, researchers and students focusing on innovation, creativity and improvisation.

Description of the ITovation consept:

* Speeches by industry experts on innovation
* Presentation of innovative PhD-projects from NTNU
* Improvisation through music
* Electronic art performance
* Creative foods and drinks
* Networking
* Online streaming to Internet and mobile

A lot of good presentations and musical interludes; I particularly recommend Dave Shreiner’s (of OpenGL fame) amusing talk from session two (streamed using — somewhat ironically — Silverlight). Hello mobile!



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