NTNU Library Toolbar & Firefox 3


Firefox 3 is here, and it’s well past time to evaluate what the damage is as regards the NTNU Library Toolbar. As far as I can see, the core functionality is in place as all of the basic functions (except sessions support) work as intended. The problem areas are:

  • Changes in DOM support
  • Changes in Javascript 1.8

In view of the fact that the NTNU Library Toolbar was originally implemented for Firefox 1.5, there are also some deprecation issues.

On the background of these issues and the fact that Firefox 3 supports a whole host of new methods that will make the toolbar even more streamlined, version the next version of the toolbar will be available for Firefox 3-only.

This shouldn’t negatively affect most users, but it will mean that they will have to upgrade to the newest version of Firefox (which is a good idea anyway). The existing version of the toolbar 0.2.1b will continue to be available, though with no upgrade path.


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