The mouse: Goodbye, adieu, farewell


Just reading this article by the BBC, which interestingly refers to the one device I almost never use. I think that libraries should sit up and pay attention here because non-mouse-based interfaces are the future, both on mobiles as I’ve said for some time and other computer devices.

I’m not a great user of mice; in fact, I don’t own one for the computer I use currently. My issue with the mouse is that it isn’t necessary, it’s restricted to two dimensions and has very little practical purpose apart from causing RSI. The problem is that the majority of interfaces are designed around the mouse and that type of interface device; imagine the possibilities when the restrictions that this implies are removed!

I’ve provided some links that I think are interesting at the bottom of this page. Note that there’s really very little revolutionary here; it’s not interesting to replace one 2D technology with another (multitouch), but that’s where we are at the moment. On the 3D front, it’s not interesting to get a 3D interface with a 2D imput devce, in the same way as using a 3D mouse with a 2D interface is plain silly. The merging of a 3D input device with a proper 3D interface is the future, and here we really need to look at gaming for cues. Just imagine: an amusing concept for OPAC navigation? Interesting discovery platforms? There are a lot of possibilities.



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