ILI2008: Turning the pages


Turning the pages (presented by Barry Smith) is an exciting project from the British Library, which aims to added value to presentation of historical documents (such as the Magna Carta) online.

The British Library started the project to not just present the content as photos, but also to add value, so that users get an interactive experience that is equivalent to having the actual book in your hands. Things like being able to manipulate the pages, leafing, etc. are there, of course, but in addition, you can manipulate the entire book, moving it about as if you had it in your hands. The book is mapped as a three-dimensional object and all of its properties, so that, for example, you can study the reflective properties of an illustrated manuscript (the example used was a beautifully illustrated early Koran).

The software is also being licensed to other libraries that own rare content. Is this something that we should look at? Possibly, but it’s based on WMV, which is just one of the many formats that isn’t directly supported on all platforms.

See the project results.


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  1. digicmb Says:

    Looks Great! I saw some nice examples from the NLM too: (this is a movie about it in a NLM Toolbar

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