ILI2008: Lawbore


Presentation by Emily Allbon. Interesting presentation of the lawbore law portal created for students at City law school (London). Lots of implementations of emergent technologies, plus some use of some nice traditional tech.

Obviously, some time has been spent on designing the interface here and given the market (students in England studying law, connected to City law school — though this isn’t strictly speaking necessary), this looks really successful.

Note that the content here is a collaboration between the faculty staff and the librarian (why aren’t we doing this?), though the presenter said it was difficult to get faculty involved (and when people got involved, they tried to “take over” more than was wanted).

Those of us who work with subject-specific information literacy have a lot to learn from this (mediawiki-based — thankyou Sigvor/Karen) website.

See also lawbore pro



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