ILI2008: Practical development tips for working in fast changing or chaotic environments


Andrew Lewis presented “Practical development tips for working in fast changing or chaotic environments”, his first point was that change is here to stay, his second that this change isn’t about a big risk, but taking a lot of small risks.

As en example of this, he presented a very nice children’s (3-9 years) web-response app, which integrated sound, images and text. They found out that the app was not used when linked to the children’s website, however, it was used when they added it to the children’s department computers. Good presentation of the responses 😀

He made the point that a library can buy cheap hardware toys, use FOSS, use novelty as an impact tool, and get user feedback that can be used to improve the library. The multimedia apps they created could be used in multiple places, drop things that didn’t work as they wanted. Something that pretty much agrees with the UBiT 2010 approach.

An amusing aside was that he used the space on servers where he had done work previously to benefit the library where he worked! Cheeky, but we liked it.

On the down-side, he mentioned that his work had become person-dependent, and this individual’s working methods could harm the workflow. The individual’s preconceptions, understanding and skills could also have negative consequences projects (it’s always better to have a team working intensively on this kind of project, so the views are not biased/one-sided).

Funny and good presentation by an obviously talented guy.


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