Trends 2009


Some trends and predictions for academic libraries in 2009 — it’s the last post of the year (and the first one for a looong time — hey, I’ve been busy). Not a definitive list, things are duplicated, and horribly skewed towards my interests…so E&EO!

Things we’ll be seeing more of

  • Mobile web
  • Monolithic (and especially “Integrated”) search systems
  • Java
  • 2.0-ization where “shutting down” would be a better idea
  • Reduced budgets

You can add a whole slew of less positive things to this list, including “nuisance lawsuits”, and “futile attempts to manipulate the web by individuals, corporations and governments”, but I rather think that these aren’t preditictions…. It’s the end of the road for a few technologies, one of these is “the OPAC” (at least as we know it), which I believe will rapidly be replaced by the monoliths mentioned in the list above.

Some of the oddities in the list include Java and XML/XSLT — these are old, old technologies, but they aren’t seriously used in libraries. Now is the time for libraries to explore the possibilities of serious software development on a small scale. Robust software simply cannot be developed without suitable development tools, and the frameworks provided by among other things Java application servers are top notch.

2.0 will continue to wash over our community, washing driftwood with it — the OPAC? — in the same way as budgets can be relied upon to disappear slowly but surely.

And this year’s biggie? Mobile web “m.” is the future (at least for the present) 🙂

Godt nytt år! Happy New Year!



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