Primo-BIBSYS redux


For those of you too impatient/intelligent to read the full post, here’s the executive summary:

Primo isn’t a good choice as a replacement for BIBSYS for the following reasons:

  • It’s not a replacement for BIBSYS, it’s a replacement for the internet interface, BIBSYS Ask
  • One of its core components is Metalib, which is not a particularly good system (but then again, which federated search system for interdisciplinary research is?)
  • It adds no value that you can’t get better and for free with Google Scholar
  • Any perceived problems with BIBSYS tend to stem from BIBSYS’ openness, problems exist within Primo’s components
  • The key groups Primo is aimed at (lower level students) typically have no need of a research discovery tool because of heavy dependence on pensum literature in Norway

When all of that is said, why are we trying to invest money in monolithic systems like this? This isn’t where the library should be — web services and components that can be integrated into other systems are. Get the catalogue content into Google too!

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