Seven great things about Zotero


Just a quick list (doncha love ’em?) about Zotero:

  1. It’s free and open source
  2. It does more or less what every other reference management tool does as well, or better
  3. It’s where I work (in the web browser)
  4. It works on my Linux machine, my Mac laptop and the Windows machine at the help desk
  5. I can work with the same references from multiple computers without having to think about it
  6. I can save webpages as is, and annotate them
  7. Getting references into my documents works, irrespective of whether I’m using LATEX, Google Docs, OpenOffice, Microsoft Word…

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4 Responses to “Seven great things about Zotero”

  1. Pål Says:

    I totally agree with all seven points. Zotero is the winner right now, and with a rewritten CLS engine it would probably become even better. Look forward to Open Office Bibliographic functionality too with the 1.2 version of opendocument format.

  2. Pål Says:

    Do you think that Zotero suffice as a Google Notebook replacement? I begin to think so for academic needs. What do you think?

  3. brinxmat Says:

    [I started writing this in Norwegian for some reason or other, that text is below]

    I have to admit that I haven’t used Notebook, but a number of the people I know do — they just don’t share their stuff with me!

    That said, I can see your point — as long as the note-function is implemented when Zotero’s “shared library”/multi-user function comes online, you can well say that Zotero covvers at least some of the functionality of Notebook.

    Zotero’s credibility in the academic community is a plus, and here we’re in complete agreement.

    Just so it’s said: web snapshots is extremely important for me, and I presume that this can be the case for a lot of the people working within academia. Sharing notes here could be very important.


    Må innrømme at jeg bruker ikke Notebook — en del av de jeg kjenner bruker den, men de deler ikke ting via tjenesten med meg 😀

    Når det er sagt, så skjønner jeg godt poenget ditt — så lenge notat-funksjonen blir med når Zoteros “delt bibliotek” / “flerbruker”-funksjon er på plass kan man godt si at Zotero dekker en del av Notebook’s funksjonalitet, hvis ikke alt.

    Seriøsitet av Zotero for akademiske miljø er et pluss her — og her er vi helt enige.

    Slik at det er sagt: Web snapshot funksjonalitet er særlig viktig for meg, og jeg mener at dette er kan være saken for mange i akademiske miljø. Notatdeling her kunne være veldig viktig.

  4. brinxmat Says:

    Actually, take a look at this post on Bruce Darcus’ blog on ODF, and citation. Really very interesting.

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