iPhone — NTNU Library


We pushed out a little web-app that creates an iPhone webapp for NTNU Library.

The web app can be viewed in any Safari browser, but is best viewed via an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The current prototype features a few non-functioning mockups, but it gives an impression of what we’re currently thinking. The project is in a review phase during the current development cycle, so any comments/feedback gratefully received! (Comment below!)

Is there anything special here? Well, in a way: the data you see is all gathered from a set of XML files that also form the basis for a few other related projects. More on these projects later.

Oh, and everything is available to you in both English and Norwegian (Bokmål) depending on whether you’re using Bokmål as your interface language on your iPhone/iPod.

The develepment track can go in many directions, and we’re looking at different ways of achieving the same results including but not limited to XML/XSLT and an iPhone App (as opposed to a web app).


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