emtacl10: a website for the academic conference


I have updated the emtacl10: emerging technologies in academic libraries website; the changes add a lot of content (and some new dates!) to the information that was published previously.

For me, the interesting thing was combining a set of technologies:

  • blueprint css
  • jquery
  • eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP)
  • RSS
  • AJAX

The really cool thing about these technologies is that they made everything really quite easy; easy to create valid, accessible code, and easy to do all of this quickly.

The “assets” list is created from metadata embedded into the files that are listed there; this, and the rest of the content is updated using AJAX provided by the jquery framework. Blueprint css is used for the layout.

Two day’s work inclusive of everything! (And I really dislike creating webpages, but this verged on fun.)

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