I have just started using Zotero’s groups feature that allows you to share a set of references with other users. This feature is really great, and it works seamlessly with the Zotero plugin. It occurs to me that this must be a great tool for teachers wishing to share references with students, as well as project groups like the one I work in.

My current bugbear is that it isn’t possible to copy a folder over into the group library from my library, just as well that I’m a belt ad braces type who tags everything in addition to creating indecipherable folder structures.

On my travels on the Zotero webpage, I came across a list of registered users broken down by research interests. The interesting thing to note is that Zotero is now used in many fields. These numbers represent the optional choice of registering a field of interest when a Zotero account is created. Note that this means that a single person may be registered multiple times or not at all (Zotero does not require users to have an account to use the software).

Again, Zotero really is the best reference tool — if you’re not locked in, you’re not locked out. (And thank goodness for BibTeX support!)

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