A web page for a library


One of the heads of departments at work asked for the web committee to approve a new web-page design* that featured a single search box. Take a look at the new page.

I felt that this design didn’t add much value: a single search box does ot equate to Google, which is so much more.

As a response, I created an example that I felt adds value to the interface. Add a ?strekke to see an alternative view.

WCAG v2 AAA, Section 508, XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS3 valid (except for the media query, but it should validate – it is valid according to the BNF of css 3). It should also work on iPhone, and preferably other phones too 🙂

A final example where I just threw everything into the mix, but I didn’t correct the source for validation.

*I have now quit the web committee.


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