Things the “Google generation” say

  1. I don’t use Firefox, it keeps updating itself [they used IE6 in 2009]
  2. [On the ‘phone] I’ve got a problem with Endnote on my laptop, I think that you should come to my house to fix it
  3. I’ll never remember that, it’s too difficult [the url to Google Scholar]
  4. Librarians don’t need to try and be so hip, no-one else uses social media
  5. I think it is a kind of CD-player. [Answer to me pointing to a picture of a cassette tape and asking “what is that?”]
  6. I’m only interested in articles [I was trying to explain that they needed to use the OPAC to get literature, but they associated that with “printed literature”, i.e. not online articles]
  7. According to the term paper instructions, I need to cite a book and two articles [I asked the question “is this for real?”, unfortunately, yes.]
  8. No, I only want printed articles because the lecturer said that the internet is not a good source of information [I was showing them the fulltext articles they were looking for]
  9. Err… What on Earth are you doing? [I was using the command line on their PC to move files]
  10. I want the library to keep printed journals so I can read the tables of contents [I gave up at this point]

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2 Responses to “Things the “Google generation” say”

  1. Mariann Løkse Says:

    Thihi! And who says being a librarian is boring!

  2. brinxmat Says:

    Rather too exciting. Being invited to people’s houses to “fix their software” seems a bit above and beyond 😉

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