Internet Librarian International 2010


I’m writing a blog post, something I haven’t done here for quite some time. I was moved to do it because I am just back from Internet Librarian International 2010.

I have a number of issues with this year’s conference (the fourth I have been to), these are:

  • wifi
  • power supply
  • technical track

The internet access at Internet Librarian International has always been poor in my experience, the irony of this is not lost on many of the attendees. While Information Today (the conference organizers) can probably not be blamed for this because it is the hotel’s responsibility to ensure wifi provision, I suggest that Information Today re-negotiate their contract or change hotel. This simply can’t go on.

Power supply is again another issue that the hotel must take responsibility for, and it is something that is so simple to solve. This needs to be sorted in a professional way.

The third point is that Internet Librarian International 2010 didn’t provide a clearly defined technical track, and as such I can’t say that I will attend again. That’s a shame because I like the conference concept and the people who attend, but the world moves on.

Enough complaining. I enjoyed meeting with old and new friends as well as a number of the talks.


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