Margaret Locherbie-Cameron


I just learned with great sadness that Margaret Locherbie-Cameron has passed away. Dr Locherbie-Cameron was my Old English teacher at the University of Wales, Bangor, and I have very fond memories of her both as a teacher and person.

Reading the obituary by P. J. C. Field, I was reminded of what a kind and thoughtful person Dr Locherbie-Cameron was. She would joke that the traditional grammar she was teaching was “probably anathema to linguists” (like me); it wasn’t, it was a well-thought-through way of teaching something that had a high entry bar that we needed to jump if we were to get anywhere.

I also remember the tutorials where we translated texts; these were brought alive by Dr Locherbie-Cameron’s vast knowledge of their socio-historical context and an engagement both with the students and the Anglo-Saxon world. I particularly recall the amusement that an areligious me caused with translations of Anglo-Saxon religious texts, and that these were taken both with humour and in earnest.

Dr Locherbie-Cameron was a great teacher.


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  1. Anna Doughty Says:

    I felt exactly the same when I found out. She was a marvellous teacher. I thought she would go on forever.

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