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A web page for a library


One of the heads of departments at work asked for the web committee to approve a new web-page design* that featured a single search box. Take a look at the new page.

I felt that this design didn’t add much value: a single search box does ot equate to Google, which is so much more.

As a response, I created an example that I felt adds value to the interface. Add a ?strekke to see an alternative view.

WCAG v2 AAA, Section 508, XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS3 valid (except for the media query, but it should validate – it is valid according to the BNF of css 3). It should also work on iPhone, and preferably other phones too 🙂

A final example where I just threw everything into the mix, but I didn’t correct the source for validation.

*I have now quit the web committee.


iPhone, NTNU Library continued


As part of the last round of development, we continued adding content to the XML sources. We’ve supplied all of the details for each of the 11 branch libraries at NTNU Library.

A very dull, intensive job, but it is done now.

Take a look 🙂